Boy clothes

    Kids Letter Printed Loose Long Sleeve T-Shirt208322100104


    1. Simple letter printing collocation, simple and easy to match; 2. The fabric is skin-friendly and soft, comfortable to wear, and the loose version is simple and versatile, which is...

    Balabala Kids Boy Letter Print Long Sleeves Crew Neck Sweater


    1. The fabric is soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. 2. Round neck design, easy to wear and take off every day. 3. Exquisite and cute logo.

    Balabala Toddler Animal Print Down Jacket


    1. The fabric is warm, comfortable and skin-friendly 2. The version is classic and versatile 3. Full of fun and cuteness

    Balabala Toddler Animal Print Down Jacket


    1. The fabric is warm, comfortable and skin-friendly 2. The version is classic and versatile 3. Full of fun and cuteness

    Balabala Baby High Waist Belly Patch Trousers


    1. The fabric is warm and comfortable, soft and skin-friendly 2. High waist design, intimate belly protection 3. Partially bold shape stickers, cute and interesting

    Balabala Home Basic Loose Comfortable Underwear


    1. The selected fabric quality is excellent, soft and white. 2. Choose high fastness reactive dyes, energy saving and environmental protection, excellent color fastness. 3. Comfortable and loose, easy for...

    Balabala Baby Loose Crew Neck Sleeveless Vest


    1. Lightweight and soft lining material 2. Loose fit, pullover, side opening, and front placket 3. Three-dimensional detailing, each color is different

    Balabala Baby Loose Crew Neck Sleeveless Vest


    1. Lightweight and soft lining material 2. Loose fit, pullover, side opening, and front placket 3. Three-dimensional detailing, each color is different

    Balabala Baby Plush Animal Round Neck Long-Sleeved Jumpsuit


    1. fabric is warm, soft and comfortable. 2. The version is loose and can be selected in multiple colors. 3. A large plush animal stamp on the front chest.

    Balabala Home Forest Animal Cartoon Pattern Elastic Socks


    1. Hoop socks are comfortable, fluffy and warm. 2. Triple group with interesting pattern design. 3. Good to wear within multiple scenes. 4. Combed cotton is preferred, which adopts close-spun...

    Baby Loose Large Version Trousers208322108201


    1. This trousers is made of comfortable yarn, which is skin-friendly and soft. 2. The version is large and comfortable to wear. 【Composition】43.7% Cotton 56.3% polyester fiber

    balabala Kids Unisex Coral Fleece Animal Shape Home Wear Set 7-14 Years


    1. Fun shape of the Year Monster 2. 300G coral fleece: soft, delicate and non-fluffy 3. Patched with a three-dimensional applique embroidery 4. Loose fit, comfortable to wear Fabric:coral fleece...

    balabala Toddler Unisex Dinosaur Knitted Daywear 2-8 Years


    1. Super cute pocket shape, simple and iconic, baby would love to wear. 2. Textured fabric, long-time shape keeping, soft, comfortable and stylish. 3. Zipper closure, easy to put on...

    balabala Kids Boy Quick-Drying Pockets Woven Trousers 7-14 Years


    1. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric, breathable and dry 2. Four-way scuba fabric, no tightness in movement 3. Loose fit for freedom of movement 4. Lenticular lenticular three-dimensional rubber badge, cool...

    balabala Toddler Boy Solid Color Woven Trousers 2-8 Years


    1. Stretchy Tencel fabric, skin-friendly and comfortable, with moderate stretch 2. Slightly relaxed silhouette for a stress-free fit and unrestricted movement 3. Elasticated waistband with moderate stretch, no tummy strangulation...

    balabala Toddler Boy Dinosaur Woven Daywear 2-8 Years


    1. Lightweight woven fabric for seasonal wear in spring 2. Oversized three-dimensional pockets 3. Literary colour-match Print:Dinosaur Collar:With Hoodie Sleeve:Long-sleeved Thick:Moderate Elastic:Non Elastic Composition:Composition Fabric: 100% Polyester (except film) Lining:...

    balabala Baby Unisex Tiger Knitted Jumpsuit 0-3 Years


    1. 100% cotton knitted fabric, soft and comfortable 2. Collar & crotch bottom buttons for easy on/off 3. Little tiger full print means auspiciousness, suitable for Chinese New Year celebration...

    balabala Baby Unisex 100% Cotton Animal Shaped Knitted Jumpsuit 0-3 Years


    1. 280G cotton interlock fabric, good stretch, easy to move around; 2. Interlock fabric for next-to-skin wearing with great comfort. 3. Cute and cuddly faux dungarees strap design, looking like...

    balabala Kids Unisex Monogram Embroidery Knitted Daywear 7-14 Years


    1. Raglan Letterman Jacket, decorated with interlocking ribs at the cuffs and hem 2. f4-way stretch scuba fabric with a soft feel and a comfortable and neat shape 3. Letter...

    balabala Kids Boy Gradient Crew Neck Sweatshirt 7-14 Years


    1. 260G cotton-polyester fabric, medium thickness, feeling soft 2. Popular gradient dip-dye design, very fashionable 3. Loose fit for limitless movement Print:Gradient Collar:Round-Neck Sleeve:Long-sleeved Thick:Thick Elastic:Low Elastic Composition:Fabric: 72% Cotton...

    balabala Baby Unisex Full Print Knitted Jumpsuit 0-3 Years


    1. Knitted cotton fabric, double-sided material is as comfortable as a second-skin, padded with thin cotton for added warmth, suitable for winter-to-spring days; 2. Contrast colour piping design, adding a...

    balabala Kids Unisex Text Home Wear Set 7-14 Years


    1. Fabric made from renewable wood and modal fibre, particularly soft with good moisture absorption performance, very dry and breathable. 2. Front chest graphic in the form of Chinese characters...

    balabala Baby Boy Propitious Graphic Knitted Jumpsuit 0-3 Years


    1. Colour: red for the Chinese New Year 2. Graphic: Dumpling has similar vowel sound of the proud son, a good symbolic meaning for baby. 3. Fabric: 280g double jersey...

    balabala Kids Boy Print Woven Daywear 7-14 Years


    1. A two-piece set, stylish loose fit and contrast colour body for the outer piece 2. IP co-branded item, with Marvel heroes print for an overall cool look 3. Reflective...

    balabala Kids Boy Hooded Sweatshirt 7-14 Years


    1. Balabala’s "b" logo combined with propitious cloud for a good meaning 2. Gold thread embroidery for a quality touch 3. Black and gold highlight the Chinese trend 4. Red...

    balabala Toddler Boy Medium Stretchy Textured Jeans 2-8 Years


    1. Loose and handsome peg-top jeans 2. Fashionable and stylish shape, wwith elegant white letters at the back 3. Two colours to choose from, blue or black, suitable to meet...

    balabala Toddler Unisex Claimond Veins Solid Color Woven Cotton Jacket 2-8 Years


    1. Wide hood brim with large shaped ears. 2. Coarse-grained berber Fleece. 3. Cotton padded for warmth. 4. Innovative frog button placket, with a built-in zip, a touch of traditional...

    balabala Kids Boy Eyewear Shape Woven Jacket 7-14 Years


    1. Tri-proof functional fabric- windproof, waterproof and oil-proof 2. Eyewear shape on hood for added sense of design 3. Contrast colour design for a cool and stylish look Print:Glasses Shape...

    balabala Toddler Unisex Little Goldfish Woven Trousers 2-8 Years


    1. Fabric filled with cotton by using stitching-free quilting process, 100G/m2 cotton gives proper thickness, warmth and comfort. 2. 3-dimensional fish embroidery badge, filled with cotton. 3. Side seams are...

    balabala Kids Boy Textured Fabric Knitted Trousers 7-14 Years


    1. Comfortable loose fit in a variety of colours 2. Large print side seams and oversized pockets 3. Stylish cut, heavyweight textured fabric Fabric:texture fabric Thick:Moderate Elastic:Low Elastic Composition:Fabric: Top:...

    balabala Kids Boy Knitted Daywear 7-14 Years


    1. Soft, comfortable and high quality polar fleece fabric for the body, patched with stylish crosshatch textured chemistric fiber, for a comfortable experience and a casual, stylish look. 2. Contrast...

    balabala Toddler Unisex Stretchy Jeans 2-8 Years


    1. High stretch, loose fit, comfortable and easy to wear 2. Volume-up design at leg openings for added uniqueness Fabric:Indigo Modal Thick:Moderate Elastic:Elastic Composition:Composition Fabric: 66.6% Modal 19.5% Polyester 9.6%...

    balabala Kids Boy Solid Color Knit Trousers 7-14 Years


    1. 280g double jersey peach face fabric, soft and warm 2. Cargo pants style, fit with multiple pockets 3. Elasticated waist and leg openings, easy to put on and take...

    balabala Kids Boy Woven Cotton Jacket 7-14 Years


    1. Stylish Letterman Jacket silhouette, casual and trendy 2. Contrast colour ribbon and rib 3. General Rabbit graphic with towel embroidery label, Chinese style of high quality 4. Shiny laminated...

    balabala Kids Unisex Text Crew Neck Sweatshirt 7-14 Years


    1. Large picture on front chest, co-branded with Zhu Jingyi 2. Loose fit, New Year celebration Print:Word Collar:Round-Neck Sleeve:Long-sleeved Thick:Moderate Elastic:Low Elastic Composition:Fabric: 47% Cotton 47% Polyester 6% Elastane Rib:...

    balabala Baby Unisex Sheared Plush Bear Knitted Jumpsuit 0-3 Years


    1. Graphic: Disney Winnie the Pooh IP, fashionable and trendy. 2. Fabric: 390G PolRotor sheared plush fabric for warm performance, good to wear and good-looking. 3. Colour: red is full...

    balabala Baby Unisex Animal Graphic Woven Daywear 0-3 Years


    1. Select cotton-like chemical fiber with a cotton knitted lining; soft and comfortable to wear. 2. Three-piece three-dimensional cutting, elasticated design in the hood for perfect head wrapping, effective wind-proof...

    balabala Kids Boy Contrast Color Ribbon Knitted Trousers 7-14 Years


    1. Jogging trousers 2. Contrast color ribbon at side seams 3. Versatile and energetic. Fabric:Contrasting color webbing Thick:Moderate Elastic:Low Elastic Composition:Fabric: 90.1% Cotton 9.9% Polyester

    balabala Kids Unisex Chinese Zodiac Crew Neck Sweatshirt 7-14 Years


    1. Peach face fabric for a warm touch. 2. 3-dimensional dancing lion-shaped pocket padded with cotton, child-like and cute, warm and cold-resistance. 3. Traditional Chinese colours. 4. Parent-child set design,...

    balabala Toddler Unisex Unicorn Crew Neck Sweatshirt 2-8 Years


    1. Super cute graphic sweatshirt, baby's favourite elements, babies would love to wear by themselves 2. Thick and soft fabric, stiff, neat and stylish, comfortable to wear. 3. Simple ribbed...

    balabala Baby Unisex 100% Cotton Mushroom Knitted Trousers 0-3 Years


    1. Cotton interlock fabric; flat texture on both sides for extra skin friendliness 2. Upgraded crotch blocking design for comfortable wear 3. Flower, mushroom, cute puppy, all the things baby...

    balabala Toddler Unisex Bear Knitted Trousers 2-8 Years


    1. Removable doll shape, a great way of childhood companion, easy to wear and fun to play with. 2. Slightly relaxed silhouette for comfort and ease of movement. 3. Ribbed...

    balabala Baby Unisex 100% Cotton Print Baby Tricot 0-3 Years


    1. 165g cotton single jersey fabric, soft and breathable 2. Graphic is based on children's brush strokes, telling a story of a lovable rabbit in the fantasy world 3. White...

    balabala Baby Unisex Fun Graphic Knitted Trousers 0-3 Years


    1. 100% cotton fabric, skin-friendly and comfortable 2. Fashionable and trendy fit 3. Various colours available Fabric:100% cotton Print:Fun Pattern Thick:Moderate Elastic:Low Elastic Composition:Composition: Fabric: 100% Cotton (Excluding Toppings)

    balabala Toddler Boy Dinosaur Hooded Sweatshirt 2-8 Years


    1. Fake two-piece, mix of waffle fabric and French fleece fabric 2. Dinosaur shaped insert pockets 3. Cotton filled dinosaur horns Print:Dinosaur Collar:With Hoodie Sleeve:Long-sleeved Thick:Moderate Elastic:Elastic Composition:Body: 78% Cotton,...

    balabala Kids Unisex Checked Short Down Jacket 7-14 Years


    1. Large body filled with 80% duck down, medium thickness, warm and fluffy 2. Checked print at hem 3. Small mandarin collar design, can match with sweatshirt or jumper Print:Plaid...

    balabala Baby Unisex Full Print Knitted Daywear 0-3 Years


    1. Textured cotton fabric, skin-friendly and comfortable; 2. Collar goes together with ribbed piping placket, stylish and comfortable, without strangling the neck; 3. Chile-like animal decoration, fleece material for a...

    balabala Baby Unisex Dumpling Woven Cotton Jacket 0-3 Years


    1. Colour: festive red for New Year, classic; white is iconic, 2. Graphic: dumpling quilting fabric, similar vowel sounds of the proud son, a good symbolic meaning for baby; dumpling...

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